SIREMIS v1.0.0 released

O noua versiune majora Siremis v1.0.0 devine disponibila, perfect compatibila cu Kamailio (anterior OpenSER) v3.0.0 si

Siremis permite un management usor al profilurilor utilizatorilor, regulilor de least cost routing si load balancing, comunicarea cu serverul SIP in timpul functionarii si vizualizarea unor grafice de monitorizare a platformei SIP.

Noutatile acestei versiuni:

  • presence service management – watchers, active watchers and presentity
  • sip trace view – access sip_trace module records, highlight headers and group by call-id
  • user location statistics charts – online user agents, supported SIP methods, contacts and nat related charts
  • update of the core components to latest stable versions
  • update to work with latest Kamailio (OpenSER) v3.0.0
  • patch to work with older Kamailio (OpenSER) v1.5.x
  • time-based X-axis for charts print labels as HH:MM
  • charts types supported: line, line dot and area

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